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Classic but innovative, the Vascobelo Tea Collection will transport you into a luxurious journey full of flavors and aromas from all over the world. Elegantly enclosed in beautiful boxes, they will trigger all your senses. Discover our creation to taste at any time of the day. Aromatic, tasteful and feel good, only you can find your favorite blend.


All our tea blends are composed of purely natural ingredients and are Fairtrade certified.

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Darjeeling First Flush

€ 17,95

Earl Grey Blue Flower - Tin

100 grams
€ 19,50

Forest Fruit

€ 13,95

Keemun Luxus

€ 13,95

Morning Light - Tin

100 grams
€ 19,50

Rooibos Original

€ 11,95

Turkish Apple

€ 13,95


€ 13,95