La Rêve De La Comtesse - Magnum - 2019

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This wine has a brilliant, pale salmon-pink colour with silver highlights.

The nose starts out discreet, requiring aeration to fully unveil its aromas. Swirling in the glass reveals pleasant notes of white fruit and vineyard peaches, accompanied by delicate floral overtones.

The wine starts out straightforward and crisp, becoming round and full-bodied mid-palate, with an impressively long aftertaste. This wonderfully complex wine is particularly expressive on the palate. Displaying a perfect balance between freshness and richness, it is quite simply delicious.


This wine can be paired with starters, white meats , desserts, fish and shellfish, vegetables & salads.


Learn more about La Collection de Rêve

Father De Roeck and the whole family have been coming together to the south of France for almost 50 summers. Together with other French friends and families, they have enjoyed the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of the sun, the delicacy of fresh fruits, and the values of friendship. But above all, they have experienced the power of wine, which is bringing people together, sharing moments and having extraordinary social interactions. Accordingly, the Vascobelo Wine collection celebrates this close connection between people from different backgrounds.


Celebrating simple things in life in an atmosphere that allows us to tell our stories quietly but surely to those sitting at our wooden table; this is what we consider as the ultimate dream. We like to call it 'refined pleasure', where good food, good drinks and good company meet to create happy memories that will last a lifetime. To sum up, this wine collection has been made to be savoured slowly while bringing parts of the world together around the same table. 

Name: Le Rêve de la Comtesse
Chateau: La Chapelle-de-Guinchay
Year: 2019
Harvest date: 09/17/2019 
Grape: Merlot 45% / Cabernet Sauvignon 45% / Sémillon 10% 
Alcohol %: 13% VOL.
Country: France
Content: 1,5 L
Sulfites: Contains sulfites
Soil: Clay-limestone and clay-siliceous 
Plant density: 3,000 to 5,000 vines per hectare Wine
Average age: 19 years old 
Grape harvest: By hand or manual sorting before machine harvest
Fermentation: In stainless steel, temperature-controlled tanks 
Wine maturing: For 4 months in tanks