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Vascobelo Lianas are perfect for creating a natural looking environment. Besides coming from natural wood, they are thick, strong and long-lasting, and their twisted appearance looks great. They can be used for decorative purposes and will result in a natural look and feel.


Vascobelo represents high-quality products. We are a premium lifestyle brand and our strategy is to develop a very clear high-end offering. Indeed, these lianas are part of our DNA.


Learn more about Vascobelo DNA

Not all soils or conditions allow live plants to grow or thrive. Some plants suffer due to a need for special light requirements, humidity or being prone to being eaten by inhabitants. In the case of liana, it has to be removed from its environment to allow other trees and plants to grow. It is then harvested, dehydrated and sterilised. As a result, they have a naturally wavy and twisting shape that creates a branch that has lots of variation in diameter.  

Vascobelo artificial vines are exact copies of their natural counterparts and offer the same advantages as live ones.



Material: Liana Wood
Color: Natural
Size: 3-4m
Origin: Indonesia, Bali
Feel: Thick and strong