Fragrance Sticks 10 cl

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The Vascobelo Fragrance is a complex yet sumptuous scent specifically formulated to nourish the mind, body and soul. Ideal for creating a charming and pleasant atmosphere, no matter what room the bottle is placed in. Beautifully packaged, it is the perfect addition to outlast the house-warming effect. These high-quality fibre sticks continuously provide a refined fragrance, for 1-2 months. 

The top note is mainly balsamic and aromatic, with eucalyptus, cypress, fir, thyme, and only a tiny hint of citrus, to give the perfect energising ambience. The middle notes retain the balsamic and lavender scent, to create a soothing and enveloping olfactif effect. while gently disclosing slight notes of rose and jasmine. The base note is musky and warm, with incense and ancient woods tones. 

Contains: 0% alcohol 
Product type: Diffuser
Instruction for use: Immerse the sticks into the fragrance-filled bottle and allow them to soak up the oil. Flip the sticks and place the unsaturated tips in the bottle. Make sure to wash your hands with water and soap afterwards.
Extra tip:
- For a more potent fragrance experience place the sticks in a room with a lot of air movement.
- For continual diffusion, flip the sticks frequently.
- For optimal diffusion, flip the sticks once a week.
Warning :
-May cause an allergic skin reaction
- Causes serious eye irritation