Glass Carafe 35 cl

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The 0,35 L Vascobelo water bottle comes with a simple lid to keep your drinks fresher for longer. The elegant shape has a vintage feel that we love. Ideal and better-looking alternative to jugs or decanters.

The 0,35L Vascobelo water bottle gives you exceptional clarity and transparency to admire your cold drinks. The curvy edge will help you control the pouring process to never miss a drop. It can be washed, reused and recycled,  making it a great choice for an eco-conscious home. As importantly, it won't alter the smell or taste of your beverages.

The bottleneck is wide enough to accommodate ice cubes or fruit slides. Thanks to the lid, you can store juices, shakes, smoothies, iced tea and more cold drinks with ease. 

An ideal gift for a new home. 

Content: 0,35 L
Material: glass