Every coffee lover, wether they like theirs with milk or not, can understand the joy and excitement of being served a cup of coffee with some fascinating latte art design. This will undoubtedly influence one’s coffee experience by appealing their vision and enhancing their multi-sensory abilities. Consequently, we thought it might be useful to share some tips and tricks to help you on perfecting your latte art journey.


First things first; we need a perfect espresso. See more here

 Once you have your coffee ready, you can start on creating frothed milk that must be smooth enough to blend with the fine espresso. Below are the classical steps. 


  1. Pour cold milk into a cold jug
  2. Clean the pipe 
  3. Place the pipe into the middle of the jug so that the mouth of the steaming pipe remains under the milk surface and doesn’t splash
  4. Turn the steamer on, and make sure to have the whirlpool sound
  5. Wipe the pipe 
  6. Tap and swirl to remove any bubbles and get a creamy texture: the microfoam. 



Now that your foam is ready, you can go on to the pouring process. We are not gonna lie, you won’t make the perfect latte shape the first time. This requires time and practice so that you can find your own style and go-to shape (tree leaf, teddy bear, little hearts,..). Although these first steps below will remain the same for every latte art design, this post only focuses on how to get the heart shape.


  1. Empty about a quarter of the frothed milk into a different jug (this will be helpful if you need to make a second coffee)
  2. Keep swirling the milk to prevent the foam and the milk from separating
  3. Grab your espresso and hold the cup in a 45° angle to create more surface for pouring
  4. Pour the frothed milk from a short height into the center of the cup until a solid white spot appears, then slowly go higher.
  5. This final step is for latte art. Keep your cup still and move your wrist through the white spot et voilà; here is your heart shape. 




Psss! Making coffee, especially the kind that requires to use milk can create some mess. Don't forget to clean your machine afterwards. 


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