Keemun Luxus

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Keemun teas are famous for their distinctive aroma and flavour, as they are oxidised for a more extended period. They have a fruity floral fragrance, smoky tobacco, and unsweetened cacao notes. Grown in the Anhui province of eastern China, this tea is commonly refined and elegant, with its exciting combination of sweet and spicy notes.


Learn how to brew your tea

Keemun Luxus comes from the Chinese leaf Camellia sinensis and is known for being the best Chinese black tea. It is refined and elegant. Although it has a strong fragrance, it can be drunk at any time of the day. Characterized as a light tea, it delivers fruity and smoky notes coped with a gentle and smooth taste. A pure delicacy.

Origin: Black tea from china
Ingredients: Black tea
Brewing instruction: Put 2 gr of tea in a tea sleeve or filter, pour it with 200ml of hot water (95ºC) and let it brew for 4-5 minutes.

Store in a cool, dry place