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At Vascobelo, we invest in every step from selecting the best beans to picking only the ripest beans and packaging. When you opt for Vascobelo coffee, freshness is guaranteed: each week, Vascobelo has its coffee beans roasted in small quantities in Belgium’s finest roasting houses. The blend is then put in the best packaging available for coffee: ecological and made of high-grade aluminium foil with a valve. That way, the natural coffee gas can get out while preventing oxygen from getting in. The quality of our complete coffee process, from green bean and stocking to blending, roasting and packaging, is monitored by our quality controllers. Once you have discovered the taste of Vascobelo, it is difficult to settle for less.


Learn how to grind your Vascobelo beans

Vascobelo Le Roi

This coffee blend is a medium roast and has an incredible mildness. The rich body displays a taste pallet of fruit, caramel, nuts, chocolate and a tinge of almond and honey. The subtle aromas all come together perfectly into a full-bodied and silky blend. Delicious for each moment of the day.


Vascobelo Le Comte

This coffee blend is a variant of our ‘Le Roi’. It is a medium roast composed of two coffee types, namely Arabica (90%) and Robusta (10%). Very singular and full of flavours. The Robusta provides a slightly spicy finish. Perfect for your morning lungo.


Vascobelo L'Empereur

This coffee blend is a dark roast and has a robust yet sweet taste. You will find hints of dark chocolate and nuts with a lingering aftertaste. L’Empereur is the perfect intense espresso for coffee connoisseurs. Ideal after your meal. Our L’Empereur blend scores ten out of ten according to Coffee Judge UK.



Coffee Farm: Various, all Rainforest Alliance Certified
Acidity: Low
Bean type: Arabica & Robusta
Coffee moment: Each moment of the day 
Body: full-bodied