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The V-cups gift package offers all the quality of coffee in compostable capsules, to be enjoyed with any Nespresso® machine. This gift set is designed for those who love to drink the highest quality coffee and want to impact the planet positively. The greatest gift is to spend time together with family and friends with high-quality coffee.


What does the package contain? It comprises a selection of 5 signature blends, and a Happy Cup. This gift set offers your coffee-loving friend or loved one a chance to live an experience like no other 50 times. 



Le Roi 
A single origin from a precious coffee farm located in Ethiopia. This coffee shows notes of deep stewed fruits, citrus and dark chocolate.
Le Comte
A dark roasted blend from Costa Rica, Indonesia and Guatemala. It is an excellent equivalent of our Le Roi with subtle notes of dark chocolate.
For our Decaf V-cups we have selected high-quality Guatemala SHB coffee, which has a versatile aroma with sweet notes. These are premium 100% Arabica beans which grow at approximately 1500 meter.
A dark roast with sweet and robust flavors. Notes of dark chocolate create a powerful body with a pleasant level of bitterness.

Coffee Farm: Various, all Rainforest Alliance Certified
Variety: Arabica and Robusta
Height of cultivation: 1200 meters and higher
Roasting: Wet preparation
Body: Full-bodied
Acidity: Low
Coffee moment: Perfect blend for a milk coffee Espresso
Intensity: 10 out of 12
Compatible with Nespresso® machines