Vascobelo Aeropress - 350 Microfilters

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The Aeropress is a new kind of coffee press to make smooth, delicious, full-flavored coffee without bitterness nor acidity. It is a revolutionary, total immersion brewing process to make a perfect coffee every time. 

With its 0.5L capacity, it makes up to three delicious cups of American coffee per pressing in about a minute, but can also brew espresso-style coffee used in lattes, cappuccinos or other espresso-based beverages.


Learn how to use the Aeropress

Popular amongst coffee enthusiasts around the world, the Aeropress is a revolutionary way of making coffee everywhere you go. Similar to the espresso-making process, it uses a total immersion brewing and rapid filtering, where the coffee is pressed, resulting in a uniform extraction before being filtered for a cleaner taste.

Compact, portable and durable, it is the ultimate on-the-go tool to brew a good, high-quality cup of coffee. 

Color: Black
Coffee format: Grind
Care instruction: suitable for washing machine, although we recommend washing by hand
Additional information:
- easy to use
- easy to clean